Non-Contact Topography Measurement Workshop

O NCTMW, será um evento realizado pelo CT-TRIB com apoio da Polytec GmbH que abordará e demostrará os mais recentes recursos para medições de topografia sem contato através de: interforemetria de coerência de grandes áreas / macro / micro. 

Há duas inscrições para o evento:

* 13:30-15:00 - Palestra (40 vagas)

* 15:00-17:00 - Demostrações de análise ao vivo (10 vagas, selecionados internamente pelos organizadores)




Surface profilers from Polytec are innovative, high-precision and non-contact sensor systems for characterizing the entire surface topography of a workpiece or a microstructure in 3D areal. The TopMap line of optical profilers are based on the principle of coherence scanning interferometry, also known as white light interferometry or vertical scanning interferometry or coherence radar. With their innovative continuous scanning technology, proving both large vertical range, nanometre resolution and the ability of areal measurement for both small and large samples or multi-sample measurements in a single shot, these optical measurement tools are perfect for measurement laboratories or any production testing needs. Use TopMap optical profilers for non-contact fast and stable measurements of key surface parameters such as roughness, flatness, step height and critical dimensions of 3D areal structures. The workshop is planned to cover the following subjects:


1 - Principles and Practices
2 - Introduction —To Micro / Marco / Large Area Measurement
3 - The benefits of non-contact topography measurements and characterisation
4 - Theory of Interferometry
5 - Scanning 3D live demonstrations
6 - Overview to applications in Surface Roughness, MEMS, Optical Components, Medical Surfaces, Pump Components, Fuel Injector Part, 1 Automotive, Aerospace and Surface Sciences


Speaker: Joe Armstrong, Polytec GmbH, Germany




13:30 — 15:00 Talk (extended group, maximum 40 participants)
Where: Auditorium IMEF

15:00 — 17:00 Live demonstration (small group maximum 10 participants, internally selected by the organizers); bring your own sample if you wish.

Where: Ceme-sul

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